How To Choose a Perfect Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting




So, you have an amazing picture you want to be transformed into a diamond painting?

Read on so you could get the best results!



WAIT! Before you upload: although your photo may look awesome on your phone or computer, some pictures come out terrible when transformed into diamond paintings

The concept is simple: “Garbage in – Garbage out.”

There are some things to consider before using your own picture for a Diamond Painting.

Here’s How to Choose The Best Picture For Your Custom Diamond Painting:

    1. Use large or high-resolution and high-quality pictures only
    2. Inspect the colors and shading of the original photo
    3. Select the right canvas size and orientation for your Diamond Painting


1 – Use large or high-resolution pictures only


Only use a picture that’s:

  • Very large or high-resolution
  • High-quality
  • Properly lit

**Even if your picture just a bit blurred or pixilated it can’t be made into a Diamond Painting. The photos have to be crisp and clear in other words high-resolution before they’re submitted.**

TRUE FACT: All digital photos are made of pixels.

Now, metaphorically – think of each pixel as a pretty little diamond.

So essentially the more pixels (diamonds) we have on an image (canvas), the better the details of your Diamond Painting.

Therefore, your picture should have lots of pixels (diamonds) so that when it’s re-sized and printed on a canvas, it will look just as good as the original.


TRY A ZOOM-IN TEST. Does your picture look blurred or pixelated? If so, choose a different one. If the original picture is too small to be transformed into a diamond painting and if you want to get best results (as we all do), just choose a different photo or, if possible, re-take it.

ZOOM-IN TEST: If you’re concerned about the picture you’re about to use, zoom in with a photo-viewing app and see how it looks. If the picture is in your smartphone, simply use your fingers to zoom in.



Need any assistance to make sure that your picture is up to standard? Just shoot us an email with the subject “HELP ME WITH A CUSTOM ORDER” to


2 – Inspect the colors and shading of the original photo


A lot of people ask – why does my diamond painting has a weird color in the white parts? Why are green and brown diamonds present in the black part of the painting?

If the original picture is a little bit red or blue, eventually, those red or blue diamonds will end up where they shouldn’t be in your diamond painting. Furthermore, if there is a little red hue in your picture, the color will bleed into the areas of the painting that you expect to be white. For example, look at this cat:



When you zoom-in your photo, you see every minute imperfection. It works just like looking into one of those super close-up mirrors. You can see all the pores, wrinkles, and spots. So when you finish your Diamond Painting you’ll see all the pixels that have that weird color.

To prevent this, try adjusting both the color and tone with a photo editing app or soft before submitting the picture. You can easily edit the photo by yourself with Lunapic

Remember, simply adjusting some basic colors makes a whole lot of difference. Focus on the hues and colors in the original photo, imagine how they would look like if it wasn’t a photo but what you actually see in front of you.



However, if you don’t have any experience, our Photoshop professionals at Diamond Canvases will properly adjust your picture for a charming diamond painting – completely free of charge. For instance, there would have been a lot of PINK diamonds found where WHITE fur should be in the picture above.


3 – Select the right canvas size and orientation for your Diamond Painting


The two main things to know here are:

  1. The size of the canvas – how large should it be?
  2. The orientation of the canvas – Square, landscape or, maybe, portrait canvas?

It may look confusing at first but don’t worry we’ll try to make things clear.

What Canvas Size Do I Choose?

let me answer your question with another question – how many subjects (people, animals, cars, etc.) are in the picture?

Check out the chart below to see the size of canvas to be used depending on the number of people in your picture.

**We recommend that the main character takes up most of the canvas for a perfect diamond painting, like 70 – 90%.**



If you’re still not sure, follow this rule our fans abide by – the larger the canvas you order, the more detail your diamond painting will have.




Should I Choose a Canvas That’s Portrait, Landscape or Square?

That usually depends on the aspect ratio of the original picture, if it’s is a portrait, landscape or square.


The size of your canvas should match the aspect ratio of the original picture. For instance, if the original picture has LANDSCAPE orientation, you should select a canvas with this kind of sizes:

  • 30x20cm
  • 60x40cm
  • 90x60cm

**If you choose a SQUARE canvas and we receive a LANDSCAPE picture, unfortunately, we will have no other choice but to crop it. SO, although we can assure you that our pros will do their best to create a stunning-looking Diamond Canvas, it may come at the expense of cropping out someone or something important.